In this month’s clip show, Ann and Christy are back for a second round of the TBTL terms and phrases that captured our imaginations over the years. Along the way we discuss mid-nineties nautical movies, the story of Christy’s very own Overboard cruise experience, ways to tell your friends and family you’re having digestion issues, the best unit of time ever, how Luke invented a word (no, not ‘gaymazing’), and take a detour into a discussion about the MochaLatta Chill. Some of these terms even affected our lives: a TBTL vocabulary mystery helped Christy solve a problem at work, and the show has been a primer on functional alcoholism for Ann. Plus, we expand our knowledge of the Jerkington family tree. Be sure to listen all the way to the end of the show to find out whether Ann fires Christy.

P.S. In case you wanted to know, Alec Baldwin’s three hopes for 2009 were: 1) Slumdog Millionaire wins the Oscar, 2) the auto industry continues to work on fuel efficient cars, 3) there won’t be a SAG strike.