Between the start of Bundt Cake Month in Stickabutter Studios, and a football/birthday party about to start in the Mahan Banquet Center, Ann and Meredith kick off our latest TBTL Week in Review by making Bobby hungry. Appetites, however, are quickly lost thanks to talk about Trump, toilets and the Five-Second Rule—just in time to avoid eating Din Tai Fung leftovers, hotel room coffee and a big bag of Dick’s. But since we don’t want Misha Collins or flea market “Hue” Jackman to think we’re fat, we’ll probably just stick to biting sprinkler water.

In her inaugural AnnRant™, Ann reminds us not to be so quick to judge Luke, Andrew (or Matt Damon), and to consider the source before you sharpshoot. Less thoughtfully, Bobby reminds everyone (well, someone anyway) that if TBTL isn’t for you, there are plenty of other podcasts out there. And Meredith reminds us there are there are many, many great words to describe Stately Hot Dog Casing Donald Trump.

Here’s the article Bobby (via Luke) referenced on 1,000 True Fans.