In the winter of 2009, Michael Andrew Frizzell sat down with Luke Burbank and Jen Andrews of the nighttime radio show Too Beautiful To Live. That interview series has now become one of the most popular interview segments in TBTL history. Nine years later, we're going to re-package these episodes with brand new material, inside interviews, and a few special surprises. ​In this episode Christy and Mike are joined by none other than Big Country, the jail dude's jail buddy, to talk about what life was like behind bars.  The TBTL clip in this show originally aired Jan 21st, 2009. If you have questions for Mike please email them to, tweet us @LRBPodcast, or leave a VM (802) 432-TBTL (8285) (The interview with Christy, Mike, and Big Country starts at 43:00)