Phan Phavorite Phyllis Fletcher returns to take Mike and Bobby back in time via shame spiral to a divey, smoky “steakhouse,” and the time an emboldened Jen “Flash” Andrews tried (and, unfortunately for Jason) succeeded in talking her way onstage with the band. Her actual performance? Not so hot. If only that band knew anything from the catalog of Bonnie Raitt.

While we have her, Fletch updates us on her recent shameful manual transmission woes on a wet, slippery Capitol Hill, and how women apparently have fantasies of forced mental vacations by way of non-life-threatening hospitalization.

Next time, Jen and Phyllis should just both stick to playing bass. Pretty much anyone can do that. Amirite?


This episode features a TBTL clip from Feb. 28, 2008, hour 2.