Burn your bra and grab a copy of The Feminine Mystique, because we’re venturing into the world of One and a Half Men. Ann and Christy, along with Very Special Guest Mansplainer Bob Stein, are here to take on TBTL’s occasional treatment of lady issues. We catch up with what’s been happening in Bob’s life since the last time he joined us on LRB (Episode #91: Casserole Playing), consider how we feel about the One and a Half Men segment in general, and then dig into some clips. Are men the cause of most of women’s problems? When does persistence become harassment? Is it ever okay to accuse a woman of being emotional? (Hint: NO.) We evaluate the guys’ approaches and attitudes towards thorny problems that they’re completely unqualified to discuss, cheer on their feminist sympathies, and roll our eyes as needed. Plus, we share our own stories of getting emotional in the workplace and come up with an early contender for Song of the Summer. Remember, guys: don’t email Andrew until we say it’s time!

This show contains clips from the following TBTL episodes: 4/3/12 (lady television shows, Lee Aronsohn, sexism, On Our Media); 5/8/12 (going without makeup, AnnaLynne McCord, vanity); 4/7/14 (Dianne Feinstein, getting emotional, gendered insults, crying at work); 3/12/15 (persistence and consent, dating, YouTube, Doe Eyes, imperfect messenger, male entitlement).