It’s clip show time, and we’re taking a short break from attempting to deport Andy the fun-loving lemon thrower to talk about some nicknames. Meredith “Short Torso” Van Harn, Christy “Don’t Call Me Chrissy” Wise and Ann “Brontosaurus Rex” Lundholm are here to develop a set of rules for appropriate nicknames, talk about why you should never be friends with an asshole, and bemoan the difficulties of changing your name, as well as share under what circumstances you should get off the plane RIGHT NOW. On the TBTL front, we’ll get the story behind Jen Andrews’ most enduring nickname, learn the Rule of Three Steves, resolve YET AGAIN to keep a safe distance from The Mummy, and squirm at the original instance of Burbanking the Joke.

P.S. Don’t forget to send Meredith your pet nicknames!