Our TBTL friendos spend a lot of time talking about their daily lives, so it’s no surprise that their animals are part of the fabric of the show. But what about the furry friends who came before? Ann and Christy decide it’s high time to take a look back at two TBTL pets of yesteryear: Luke’s cat Pagoda and dog MoMo. We debate whether Pagoda’s dignity is eroded by being forced to use the toilet and then listen to Luke abandon his dignity when he chooses not to. MoMo has some issues (and an affinity for a specific piece of floor covering). Luke is apparently less scary than a Mexican floor installer, but only slightly. As far as our own animals go, Christy has a pet history littered with tragedy, while Ann “trained” an amazing circus hamster. Then we spend way too much time talking about the Empire Today carpet guy and the new computer-generated Peanuts characters. Plus, the eternal wisdom of Bonnie Raitt.