Pull your shirt up over your face, hide beneath a blanket, or do whatever it is you need to do to get through this, because it’s time for some embarrassing stories. One of the great things about our TBTL friendos is their willingness on a regular basis to dredge up the most unfortunate and cringeworthy things that have happened to them. Many of these stories have been covered on this podcast already, but Ann and Christy have returned with a new crop of tales about interactions, both small and large, that make us nervous and sweaty while listening (usually while hollering, “Luke, noooooooooo!”). We’ve got an unfortunate trilogy of celebrity interactions - one at a bar, one over email, and one involving … puppets. There’s the time Luke commented on something you should never, ever, EVER address with a woman. And, in our “it wasn’t your fault” segment, Jen tells a story about how she was tripped up by inappropriate tipping practices and a nautically-themed restaurant employee. Oh, and you didn’t think we’d do this show without sharing a few embarrassing moments of our own, did you? Christy had a spectacular night at Pride many years ago, while Ann was the cause of another person’s cringey memory.