Pull on some tonight pants and wrap yourself in your most stylish snuggie, because today we’re talking about fashion. Ann and Christy are not exactly style icons, but that doesn’t stop them from digging into a variety of clips that showcase the fashion choices of TBTL’s most image-conscious host. This episode is chock full of Luke’s rules (no shorts on men), boasts (we just don’t understand his fashion acumen), and grievances (clothing stores should only carry stock for the current season). We’ll get to hear the genesis of Operation Fancy Pants, as well as the Jen vs. Luke showdown during the White V-Neck Incident of 2008. And we strongly agree that he wasn’t wearing black socks with white Vans “ironically”. Of course, we have to take little time to talk about our personal fashion philosophies; Christy outlines the history of the mullet, while Ann illustrates the pitfalls of complimenting someone on their appearance in any way. Plus, some unfortunate pants-splitting experiences.