Straight from Papa Q’s English No. 1 Playlist, Mike pours salt in his FOMO wounds by coaching Team LRB—Christy, Jeremy*, Bobby and Meredith—through the HolmesGetsWise All Around, including Freestyle Dive Bowling, the Hotel Room Bundle Dash, and the highly anticipated Triathlon of Cake. Plus, medal ceremonies for Wedding Toast Synchronized Drinking, a 5-year-old’s flawless floor routine, and one host’s breakout success in High Fencing. Note: Things do get a little emotional, and as a result, the entire men’s field was disqualified from the ~90-minute Holdinyourtearsathon.

*While generally disqualified from LRB events, Jeremy was allowed to participate in this episode because, like the IOC, we are extremely corrupt. On an unrelated note, thanks for the recent donations!