Luke’s back! Luke’s back! And look what he brought us: some peach Fresca, a vacation “beard” and a Bay Kitty (Kittens! Inspired by kittens!)! Last week’s TBTL was chock full of news and notes, and Mike, Meredith and Ann are ready to cover it all. On the docket for discussion: Luke’s relief that he’s been eating the low-carb almonds, Andrew’s chances of qualifying for the Popsicle®-eating Olympics, and whether “Brian Latke” is a dummy or just dumb (can’t he be both?).

Over on the LRB front, Mike’s exercising his cheapskate ways while visiting The Island of Lost Groceries, Meredith wants to know if anyone shares her paper product scarcity paranoia, and Ann tries valiantly to defend the practicality of the space program (Jeremy, WE NEED YOU!).