Ann and Christy are joined by PRO-fessional podcaster Naomi Hillyard to talk about TBTL picnics past and future, the evergreen strangeness of Randy Quaid, and drinking The Kraken at the TBTL Summer Slam 2 Electric Boogaloo. Then we head back to 2010 for a clip where Luke (and Jen, by way of Skype) visit Sean’s apartment to check out what’s in his fridge, get the story on a dispute with his upstairs neighbor, and discuss Tila Tequila’s unfortunate treatment at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Additionally, Jen laments her fashion choices in the face of physical activity and shares the circumstances under which she got competitive with “European” children. Oh, and everyone should check out Naomi’s podcast, The Sunday Morning Experience. It’s a fan show about CBS Sunday Morning. (A show about a show? What kind of weirdos would be into something like that??)