Everybody find your cool hat, because we’re heading to a hip party. A dinner party, that is. Ann and Christy dive into some memorable TBTL clips concerning awkward dinner parties, including a truly cringe-inducing Jen Andrews story where we try to decide whether Jason is the hero or the villain, a typically Burbankian spur-of-the-moment plan that has some unforeseen complications, a strange brag that has everyone (involved!) scratching their heads, and a fantastic story from listener Sam of what turns out to be a dinner party of a different sort. Plus, we share the perils of having a super social partner, secret weapons to get out of an awkward situation, a story of an uncomfortable encounter with an Italian man (not the good kind), and how we learned that Yemen is a country. And while it may seem otherwise, we really are having a good time at your party - we’ll just be over in the corner, not talking.

Youthful Burbank out!