It happens to us all: we’ve gotten off the plane and later realize our iPad is still in the seat back pocket. Oh, you haven’t? Well then, we’ve all left our belongings unattended at our departure gate while we go to the Hudson News to buy an outrageously overpriced Bag Of Farts. Not that, either? Uh, okay, we’ve all certainly taken a cab to a sketchy area of East Las Vegas to confront a “medium-terrifying Mexican guy” we suspect has our phone. Seriously, you haven’t done that? Right, because it’s only Luke Burbank who does those kinds of things. Ann and Christy are ready to take Burbs to task over his carelessness with his electronic possessions in locations that range from the airport to the back of cabs to his own bathroom. Along the way we discuss the salaries of flight attendants, Luke’s moral relativism, and whether or not we would ever ask a stranger to watch our luggage. Our big takeaway from this episode? “Don’t steal stuff.”

This show contains clips from the following TBTL episodes: 10/21/2013 (Luke had his laptop stolen at LAX, beef jerky, TBTL drops); 10/30/2014 (Luke broke his laptop, unattended luggage); 9/26/2012 (iPads on planes, airline industry salaries, moral relativism); 1/22/2013 (Find My iPhone, East Las Vegas, cab rides, confrontation).