Resident middle-aged mommish person Hillary Garrett Livingston Butler unleashes the unliiiiiiiimited hot takes we’ve all been thinking as she leads Michael Andrew Frizzell and Robert Law(u)rence Pape through a TBTL Week in Review that reminds us that—for better or for worse … this week maybe worse—Luke is still Luke, Andrew is still Andrew, therapy is still a good idea, and Neil Hamburger still isn’t funny.

In other news, the Insect Museum is finally on the market, and it’s conveniently close to a dumb ballet recital. We may do an LRB Big Block of Cheese Day, but only if we can find enough Colby-Jack. And, there’s nothing quite as unsettling as the courtship of a rich industrialist and a precocious 11-year-old girl. (Speaking of: If you get caught with the special grown-up crate in the children’s section, just tell ‘em The Bone sent ya.)