Grab your bindle and your earbuds, because on this special TBTL-A-Thon Week in Review, Meredith, Hillary, Bobby and Mike join the Tens Across America celebrating what makes our fan community great. (Because even when we’re throwing our phones, we’re throwing our phones together.)

In addition to recapping the highlights and lowlights of TBTL’s hitchhiking (and car-renting) hosts, Hillary and Meredith make the case for more women in corporate leadership, Mike continues to wage his war on kids’ snacks, and Bobby tries to scrub something he saw at The Wieners Circle from his brain by sharing it with everyone.

Remember: Support TBTL if you can, or Columbus, Mississippi, will become Luke and Andrew’s Waterloo. And it doesn’t take a minor in world history (stop bragging, Mike) to know that’s a bad thing.