Mike, Ann, and Hillary are back at it again with the black Chucks to recap another week of TBTL, and in between our “attaboys” to one other, we’ve got a few things we’d like to discuss. Our TBTL boys are now both off Facebook, and we agree that was probably a good decision. Luke is already rebuilding his karmic imbalance with his Live Wire fibs, and Andrew should either change the show or stop apologizing for it. We have no idea what the hell all this Petey Pablo business is about, but we’re pretty sure it isn’t worth the effort to find out. And in ridiculous business ventures, someone out there is making a mint from the sale of “deodorant crystals.” Plus, Mike’s social life is in full swing, Hillary’s husband can’t take her anywhere, and Ann already deeply regrets engaging in a discussion concerning yambag shaving.