The struggle is real on this week’s TBTL Week in Review. Forty N’ QUERTY Hillary’s anxiety is flaring because of the messy house in The Cat in the Hat, Word-forgetter Bobby is drinking warm Maker’s Mark with a Fresca back, and Future Detroit Tiny Fence Concert Host Meredith is at her wit’s end single-parenting the heck out of Bear. We’re happy for Luke’s positive life choices, and that Rich is (a) real(ly good friend), even if Luke is Frank Lloyd Wrong about where to keep his lasagna leftovers.

Apologies to those who wrote throw-your-phone messages we missed. As you’ll hear, we … were getting pretty loose by the end of this one. Maybe we’d take ourselves more seriously if we had a theme song by BJ Leiderman, “the manic-depressive minstrel of public media.”

This episode is sponsored by Honest Kitten cat food.