The TSHE Summer Road Trip Spectacular continues as we leave the sprinter van and head to New York City (as if we’re going to try to park in Manhattan!). First, we flash back to the forties to check out an iconic Carol Burnett performance in a movie that appeals to little girls everywhere. Then, we jump forward to the eighties, where we were “starting to let girls do stuff,” getting jobs in “computers,” finding surprisingly affordable housing, and modeling some truly awful fashion trends. Almost all the men are slime buckets, and housework is best performed mostly au naturel. Meanwhile, Mike is living on the Island of Misguided Hygiene Purchases, Christy tells us what the Resistance looks like in Lynnwood, Meredith’s Money Pit woes take a soggy turn, and Ann (and Kermit) get tired of making all the plans. Plus, our choices for our favorite Muppets lead to some surprising truths.

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