Ann, Bobby, Hillary, Mike, and Meredith are back with an unprecedented two-week recap that they somehow got through in under two hours. (Hooray for us!) Mike stayed up way too late seeing Charley Crockett and is very “chipper,” Bobby (and Sam and Cupcake) are now famous throughout the greater Buffalo Niagara region, Hillary doesn’t know what to do with her kids for the rest of Winter Break and needs tips (help!?!?!), Meredith insists you take your muddy shoes off in her new home, and Ann declares that “Wonderful Christmastime” has “bad bones.” As for TBTL, we’re digging into Luke’s new vegan obsession and why he keeps talking about it even though literally nobody cares, the origins of Soak’em (NEWSIES! Maybe?), the TBTL crew’s favorite vacations, smells, pets, etc. and so much more.

Happy New Year, Wagoneers!  Let's go to the Mall!