It’s time for another meeting of the LRB coven as Hillary, Meredith, and Ann gather ‘round the cauldron to work our witchy magic. We dial up the feminism this week with discussions about equality in armed service requirements, the problem with the concept of body positivity, and how a touch of toxic masculinity can invade even the most enlightened guys. Additionally, we’ll dig into how urban wild turkeys are no joke, how Luke’s late-night tipping decision was disappointing, and why Terry Gross isn’t the boss of us. In host news, Hillary is kitten-curious, Meredith might be on a Japanese public television show, and Ann is workshopping new LRB taglines. Plus, grumpy-yet-kindhearted Mr. Walsh, our ideas to improve the sport of bowling, and why “the best minds in comedy writing are not working in local news” may be the truest words ever spoken on a podcast.