A TBTL international road trip is on the horizon, and when you leave the country there are a few things you should be sure to have -- your travel treadmill, your laser baldness helmet, and oh, I don’t know, maybe your passport? While I think we can agree that all of these things are equally important, our pal Luke has had some trouble keeping track of one of them, so Ann and Christy thought the time was right to revisit some of the times his carelessness got him into travel trouble. From sweet-talking the passport office lady on his wedding day -- dressed in his tuxedo! -- to melting down at the rental car counter in front of national hero Yvonne, Luke’s had his share of self-induced passport emergencies. Plus, Jen’s always prepared to flee at a moment’s notice, and Andrew’s the friend you want when the chips are down (and they won’t let you on the cruise).