The fearless TSHE Coven (™) has reconvened, and we’re trading the Sienna in for the American made Pacifica and journeying west to Detroit! Hop in with us on our occasional roadtrip spectacular as we discuss the (sometimes yikes yikes yikes) movies that make us think of Hitsville USA! Of course we also ask several probing questions: Why did white dudes hate disco so much? Why did John Cusack have to barge in on a radio show (and stand out of a girl’s window with a boombox and be such a jerk to women in general)? Why does Kim Basinger have a southern accent? Why is Jennifer Hudson so awesome? Regardless, we’re all moving to Detroit!

Additionally, we tackle toxic masculinity (exhausting and dangerous to everyone) and mask shaming (probably not effective).

Stay safe, wash your hands, wear a mask, let your voice be heard, and know that we love you very much!

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