On this month’s clip show, Ann, Christy, and “try-hard theater kid” Hillary have brought their tap shoes and jazz hands to talk about the long-standing and somewhat problematic relationship TBTL has with musical theater. We’re pissed off at 2008 Luke’s attitude, but proud of how far he’s come since then. Jen’s star turns at Jesus Creek were continually thwarted by the shortcomings of Eric Trout. We listen to Susie and Luke have a sweet, sentimental conversation about Shirley Temple. And the Stu-bot wants to be in the band. Find out which show Christy loved so much that she carried a token of it for years, what unusual strategy Hillary’s World History teacher employed to contain her enthusiasm, and where to find online footage of the first musical Ann ever starred in (kidding - there is ZERO chance I’m giving up that info). Also on tap for discussion: the Christian kids’ theater industry, real talk about the difficulty of bringing diversity to Broadway, and how we make the argument to haters that musicals aren’t just dumb. Plus, Hamilton spoilers, how to best watch Moulin Rouge, the obvious reason straight guys should love musicals, and safety issues when dancing with bowling balls.