The streets are icy, the grocery store shelves are bare, and city life has ground to a halt, but at least you have this extra-long helping of LRB to keep you company! Mike, Hillary, and Ann settle in to make some sense of Luke’s pickup basketball skirmishes, agree that reserving rental cars willy nilly qualifies as a classic instance of Entitled Etiquette, ponder the difficulties of maintaining friendships, and express our parking lot rage fantasies. Hillary has solved the mystery of JFK’s assassination, although she’s OUTRAGED that you would think she’s drunk. Ann creates a hierarchy of subjects she doesn’t want to hear about in between episodes of trying really hard not to be eye-rolly about the Seattle Snowpocalypse. Mike’s trip to Vegas included less-than-optimal guardrails, a ride in a haunted elevator, and the horrors of magnified bathroom mirrors. Also, we talk about dongs for waaaaaaay too long, and I’d like to apologize to Beckys everywhere.