In the waning days of LRB, Hillary, Ann, Bobby, and Mike are here to discuss all of the past week’s events in the LRB and TBTL worlds. Firstly, the Wagoneers have given us some LOVELY feedback on our transition to a non-TBTL podcast. Thank you so much for the support! We’re extremely excited to bring you something new! But also, please give us some name suggestions (preferably with an affordable URL). 

In the business, Hillary reviews a book and movie, Ann and Hillary are both jerks (that’s a family-friendly word for it), Mike made it through his Emily-less time relatively unscathed, and we got some voice memos!!! Thrilling and keep them coming!

We did eventually dive into some TBTL topics, including The Far Side (will it still be funny?), phone calls (they’re scary!), James Cameron/Avatar (who wants it?), Aaron Sorkin (good/complicated writer!), and oral health (please floss!). 

Finally, here are a few of the MANY unused show titles to pique your interest:

“Guess What’s Swollen at Mike’s House”

“Who’s the Dude and Who’s the Doofus?”

“Where in the World is...Mike Frizzell..On the Run!”

“Departed 2”

“Good Will Hunting 3D!"

“It’s Staffed by Ghouls”

“Don’t Touch Me in the Randall’s”

“A Poor Carpenter Blames his Spreadsheet”

“A Double Team of Odor”