Buckle up, check your mirrors, and make sure that your mixed nuts are in the glove box, because traffic is bad and we shouldn’t let the occasional anger management issue get in the way of enjoying another clip episode of LRB. Ann and Christy are here to talk TBTL road rage stories, some surprising (Andrew) and some most definitely not (Luke). We’ll hear about passive-aggressive tendencies while riding the scootabout, juvenile reactions to feeling judged by fellow drivers, and the story that has Andrew cringing with embarrassment even as Luke is awed by his genius.

This show contains clips from the following TBTL episodes: 3/15/2010 (give the finger, Grave Digger, fighting), 3/30/2013 (live show, scootabout, blow a kiss, passive aggressive); 6/23/2014 (Medina, college, most embarrassing, punishment); 12/30/2014 (rerun intro, feeling judged, angry sad clown demon, Lisa Weinberg, Carey Burbank).