Steve Combs - "On The Banks Of The Wabash, Far Away" - To Kill A Messenger

D Smilez - "Space Funk, Baby (The Space Dandy Way)" - The Fun of Dancing

Steve Combs - "The Android Doesn't Requite My Love" - To Kill A Messenger

Johnny Ripper - "Dancing" - JONA

ETILE - "The Mask is the Task" - Our Imaginary Friend

Future Sauce - "SUAD" - Res Ipsa Loquitur

Simon Mathewson - "Arcade Controller" - Notes

Suicide - "Rocket USA" - Suicide performing 1st LP Live at Primavera Sound, May 26th 2011

Scott Nice - "The Peacock Drop" - All The Wild Creatures

Battery Operated Orchestra - "Radiation" - Radiation

Half Cocked - "Heart of the City" - Venus Return

Kaz Mirblouk - "Lauren" - Through The Glass

The Special Pillow - "An Overwhelming No" - An Overwhelming No

Mike B. Fort - "Summer Is Gone" - The Single

The Blessed Cassettes - "Coin-Operated" - Errors and Omissions

Josh Armistead - "Hit the Drums" - Meadows

Baffy - "At the Bus Stop Across the Street (An Octopus Attacks)" - Baffy the Musical Original Soundtrack

The Rope River Blues Band - "Solid Gold in the Sun" - The(se) Summer Rounds

Nihilore - "Satellites and Waterfalls" - Titan

Pavlosiuk and the Dudes - "Švente" - WHNZ​:​72​:​MDMNMLXX

ETILE - "Fin" - Our Imaginary Friend