Lobo Loco - "Alien Time Traveller" - Get Still Alife

Yan G - "Frqe Mo Dtt" - Sectioned v6.0 (V/A)

Jukka Pekka Kervinen - "Short Space (Of Time)" - Sectioned v6.0 (V/A)

Dr. Sparkles - "Theme From YUM!" - YUM! - Look Back in Hunger

Pocketmaster - "Vorwaerts" - #010010

Régis Victor - "Shhhh" - Dix-sept titres de la République du Civou

The Impossebulls - "A Roller Skating Jam Called Saturday Nite" - Five By Five IV: Gluttony

The Fucked Up Beat - "Death by Voter Registration/ The Peripheral" - Records Vanishing Crop Circles and Occult Rituals in the Future Age of Paranoia

Andrew Howes - "Lube"

Pridon - "Dividance" - Sectioned v6.0 (V/A)

Ryan Little - "Absent"

Simon Mathewson - "Platypus" - Some Dub

Lobo Loco - "Altura Bar" - Nice Nowhere

Hyson - "Traces" - Soundtrack for the Weary Vol. I

Sixty Drops - "Clarity and Other Lies" - Sectioned v6.0 (V/A)