Jordan Rudess is one of the most celebrated keyboardists working in the music scene today.
Rudess was a child prodigy, studying classical piano at the famed Juilliard School of Music when he was just nine years old. By his late teens he had become interested in synthesizers, guided by his interest in the classical/rock hybrid of progressive rock groups like Yes, Genesis, ELP and Gentle Giant.
After playing with a succession of acts in the 1980s, Rudess came to international attention in 1994 when Keyboard Magazine named him Best New Talent in a reader's poll. He got an offer to join the Dixie Dregs, and that in turn led to working with Liquid Tension Experiment, which turned into an offer to join Dream Theater. Rudess has been a member of Dream Theater since 1999, during which time the group has cemented its position as the most successful progressive rock band in the world today.
Jordan Rudess joins us on Long Live Rock to discuss Dream Theater, his new app, his influences and outside projects, and much more in a wide-ranging interview.