Triumph was perhaps one of the prototypical "arena rock" bands of the Seventies and Eighties. Though the band scored hit albums like 'Never Surrender', 'Thunder Seven' and 'Just A Game', along with album rock staples like "Magic Power", "Follow Your Heart" and "Spellbound", it was the band's over-the-top live shows that made its reputation as one of the hottest bands in rock music. After an absence of two decades the band reunited for two festival shows last year, and now Triumph has issued a new Greatest Hits album. Newly transferred to digital and completely re-mixed, with widescreen videos, extras and all new liner notes, the new package is the definitive Triumph fan experience. Gil Moore joins us to talk about the new hits album, his career with Triumph, the long-awaited reunion shows, and why critics hated Triumph but fans loved it.