Bruce Kulick is probably best known for the dozen years he spent as the lead guitarist in KISS. As the only guitarist in KISS history not to don makeup, Kulick performed on such Eighties hits as 'Hot In the Shade', 'Asylum' and 'Crazy Nights', but it was 1992's 'Revenge' that provided that lineup's defining moment. When the original KISS reunited thereafter, Kulick moved on to play with former Motley Crue vocalist John Corabi in Union. He has released two solo albums, 'Audio Dog' and 'Transformer', and he stays busy with a wide range of studio work. Bruce is also the lead guitarist in Grand Funk Railroad, with a full touring schedule each year. In February he will release his third solo album, entitled 'BK3'. Boasting a guest list that includes Gene Simmons and Nick Simmons, Steve Lukather, John Corabi, Eric Singer and more, the album is Kuilck's most fully realized solo work to date. Bruce Kulick joins us on Long Live Rock to discuss 'BK3', his career, and his upcoming endeavors.