Actor, writer, director, photographer, musician, ICON Adam Goldberg (Dazed and Confused, Two Days In Paris, I Love Your Work, Friends and so much more) returns to the Love Alexi Podcast! Part 1 of 2! A romp of a convo between two of the most neurotic people you've ever met, as they attempt to settle into a podcast. Listen as they discuss existential love, family, anti depressants, music, ex's, Adams new Album (Home: A Nice Place To Visit) and the book of his photography that accompanies it. With glorious cameos from his talented babe wife Roxanne Daner, his four year old son Bud, and his quiet newborn being breastfed in the background, Sonny. Come back next week for part 2, where they dive into ex's, marriage, muse's, and the hot gossip of what was going on behind the scenes while movie making.

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