After forgetting all her equipment at his house and having to pick it up, Alexi and actor/writer/director/musician/photographer/husband/and father Adam Goldberg (I Love Your Work, Dazed And Confused, The Hebrew Hammer, Friends, Saving Private Ryan) are back at it again. They decided to continue podcasting. But in this episode, whether it's due to it being way too early along with a severe lack of caffeine, the discussion is a lot more calm, grounded, and focused. Join them as they discuss the making of 2 Days in Paris, the Sundance Film Festival, the drama of Adam's previous relationships with indie darlings, and the pure beauty of the collaborative relationship he has now with his wife Roxanne Daner. It's like the indie version of page six! Plus a long intro where Alexi overshares about her upcoming trip to London and Paris and how the Zoloft has FINALLY kicked in! Enjoy!

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