Alexi talks to musician Colleen Green! They talk Oakland, autoimmune disease, pot / weed / mushrooms, Billy zane, her song writing process, flirting techniques, dating and feeling out of control, the ideal relationship, Tinder, astrology and how we use it to feel less out of control, 20’s vs 30's, getting way too drunk. Alexi talks about last wknd's "Girls night In" as well as "Big sister sessions" and there's even a surprise cameo phone call from her boyfriend!

For more Colleen Green, follow her on instagram / twitter / facebook @colleengreen420. She'll be going on a full US tour with Potty Mouth in June and July of 2019. Stick around for her song at the end of the show: "Maybe I'll Get Hit by a Car Tonight" off her LP "Harmontown Loops"

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