Alexi talks to clinically trained Craniosacral Therapist, Atma Livpriya.

Together they talk about Atma's Craniosacral Therapy & Energy Medicine practice, the limitless potential of the quantum field, crystal bio mats, auras, purpose, boundaries, friendships, reparenting and reprogramming yourself, detoxing, human potential, end-of-life transitioning, the power of wearing all white and so much more! All with the backdrop of a leaf blower, adding texture and artifact to the episode!

Atma is a healer whose work involves establishing a connection and communication with your body and releasing and unwinding trauma, giving your nervous system the opportunity to reset. She removes blocks and distortions stuck in your body, allowing you to soften and release. 

Her practice offers:

Individual sessions of Craniosacral Therapy + Raindrop Technique.

A 4wk + 8wk wellness program that address blocks or specific trauma that you want to move beyond.

As well as providing tools + exercises through the Journal on the website, for those who want to integrate the work further, and want to experiment + expand beyond the paradigm they organize their lifestyle; through habits, thought patterns, etc

For more info and to book a session, visit her website 

Follow her on Instagram @Ninaki 


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