Alexi is joined by writer, director Janicza Bravo (Lemon, Atlanta, Love, Divorce). Together they go on a tangential journey where they talk how Janicza's new movie LEMON came to be, how she was woo’d by her now husband Brett Gelman, training for the olympics, NYU, film festivals, talking about meditating but not actually meditating, insta stories, family, identity, creativity & barbies, Crispin Glover, Anthony Bourdain, Howard Stern, make outs, rosé, and so much more! A super fun romp where you can clearly hear how much Alexi adores Janicza by how much Alexi screams, speaks an octave higher than usual and says ‘oh my gawd’ a ton. Such a beautiful experience, even handsome young producer Aristotle had more fun than usual with Janicza in the studio! For more Janicza, follow her on instagram @Janicza and/or @LemonMotionPicture

Janicza's short films are available online. Watch them ALL: Eat, Gregory Go Boom, Pauline Alone, Woman Of The Year, Hard World For Small Things, The New Yorker Presents, Woman in Deep, Man Rots From The Head. But most important, see her feature film: LEMON staring Brett Gelman, Michael Cera, Judy Greer, Gillian Jacobs, Jeff Garlin, Shiri Appleby, Nia Long, Jon Daly, Megan Mullally and more! 

LEMON is playing at the Ace Hotel, part of Sundace Next Fest, on Friday August 11th at 8pm. August 18th, LEMON will be playing at the Nuart theatre in Los Angeles, as well as the Quad cinema in New York city AND avail on VOD. Make sure to check it out!

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