Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! I can’t think of a better conversation to share with you today than this cozy, girly, tangential romp of a chat with writer, director Sarah-Violet Bliss (Fort Tilden, Search Party). We talk about how Search Party (TBS) came to be, manifesting, self worth, former “Love, Alexi” guest Lacy Phillips’ FreeAndNative.com workshops that we are OBSESSED WITH, “If it’s not a ‘hell yes’, it’s a HELL NO”, Keanue Reeves, Chris Pratt/Chris Pine/Chris Evans - all the Chris’s, our ideal romantic partner manifestation list, Speed (the movie), insecurity, shadow work, epiphanies, reparenting, subconscious patterns, status, being hard on yourself, emotional unavailable partners, spirit animals, magnetic parents, her writing partner Charles Rogers, the power of saying “no”, self work, RAYA, listerine breathe spray, dating, intuition, being unapologetically authentic, intuition vs self worth, energy healers, alcohol, migraines, coffee, internal suffering, anxiety, cbd gummy bears, abandonment issues, trust, An Unmarried Woman, goals, deadlines, and so much MORE. For more Sarah-Violet Bliss, follow her on Instagram and Twitter @SVBliss

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