Dan plays his usual new and mold stuff.

Intro song:
ANGST – Some Things

Recently Reviewed
COMPOSITE – Paper Fantasties
GRIT – Push on Through
SUBVERSIVE RITE – Religious Oppression/Losing Game
DAGGER – It Makes Me Sick

Also Recently Reviewed
FRIED EGG – Eggshells
GEROS – Razor Dog
ANTI-SEX – Muerte
NOTS – Shelf Life (live)
WICCANS – Rock and Roll Part III

Moldy Attics of Western Washington
JASON DIDIT – Sell Me Some Beer
CINEMA 90 – In Ultra Violet
ANONYMOUS – Snake Attack
BOB BLACKBURN – Black Leather
ACCIDENT – True Detective

From My High School to the 7″s
THE STATIC – Bar Fight
DOG ASSASSIN – Assassinate Homophobia

Outro song (also relevant to last theme):
HYSTERICS – Outside In

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