On this special episode of MRR Radio, we pay tribute to the late great Fred Cole. This is part 2 (of 2) with nothing but DEAD MOON!

Intro song:
DEAD MOON – Dead Moon Night

Set 1
DEAD MOON – Parchment Farm
DEAD MOON – 54/40 or Fight
DEAD MOON – Fire in the Western World
DEAD MOON – Dagger Moon
DEAD MOON – Over the Edge

Set 2
DEAD MOON – Diamonds in the Rough
DEAD MOON – Demona
DEAD MOON – These Times With You
DEAD MOON – One World
DEAD MOON – I Hate the Blues

Set 3
DEAD MOON – The Way It Is
DEAD MOON – Clouds of Dawn
DEAD MOON – Kicked Out – Kicked In
DEAD MOON – I’ll Follow You
DEAD MOON – I Won’t Be the One

Set 4
DEAD MOON – Black September
DEAD MOON – 40 Miles of Bad Road
DEAD MOON – Walking on My Grave
DEAD MOON – Room 213
DEAD MOON – Somewhere Far Away

Outro song:

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