Movement I: Learning Her Body Through Music

0:00—Meredith Monk: Strand (Inner Psalm) | Buy 1:56—Spandau Ballet: True | Listen2:40—Meredith Monk: Panda Chant IIListen Buy3:48—Nico Muhly: Mothertongue: Movement 1, Archive | Listen Buy4:00—Meredith Monk: Particular Dance | Buy5:41--Anton Belov and Lydia Brown: Russian Songs by Mikhail GlinkaListen6:30—Gene Austin: My Blue HeavenListen Buy7:20—Audrey Marsh with the Ray Arthur Quartet: Choo’n Gum [Private Recording]8:06—Audrey Marsh: I’m Stepping Out with a Memory Tonight [Private Recording]10:35—Meredith Monk: Last SongListen Buy12:00—Gabriel Faure: RequiemListen Buy13:21—Pete Seeger: If I Had a HammerListen Buy13:55—Burl Ives: Wayfaring StrangersListen Buy15:36—Meredith Monk: PorchListen Buy17:22--Charles Mingus: Boogie Stop Shuffle | Listen | Buy18:07--La Monte Young: Pre-Tortoise Dream Music, Part IIListen19:34--John Cage: Water WalkListen 

Movement II: Choreographing Sound

25:50--Meredith Monk: Clusters 1Buy32:04--Meredith Monk: Basket Rondo: Basket A, High BasketListen Buy 34:10--Meredith Monk: Clusters 1Buy35:23--Chiara Quartet: Brahms -- String Quintet No. 2 in G Major, Op. 111, Movement 3Listen Buy37:58--Meredith Monk: American Archaeology #1: Roosevelt IslandListen40:13--Meredith Monk: Strand (Inner Psalm) [Private Recording]41:52--Meredith Monk: Hocket from "Facing North" | Listen Buy 44:07--Meredith Monk: Dolmen MusicListen Buy46:20--Meredith Monk: Do You BeListen Buy

Movement III: Becoming Whole

50:30--Meredith Monk: Clusters 1 / Clusters 2Buy 53:01--Meredith Monk: Cloud CodeBuy54:09--Meredith Monk: Summer VariationBuy 55:55--Meredith Monk: VowListen Buy59:05--Meredith Monk: Winter VariationBuy61:22--Meredith Monk: AscentBuy 66:13—Nico Muhly: Mothertongue: Movement 1, Archive | Listen Buy