Nick Lowe - "Rollers Show"

Beach Boys, The - "Heroes and Villains (live from "In Concert:")"

Wayne Carson - "I Couldn't Spell !*¢#!"

Jerry Reed - "Honey Chile"

Wee Willie Walker - "Ticket To Ride"

Los Zafiros - "Bossa Cubana"

Philistines Jr., The - "Something In The Air (from Super Hits of the 70s: Pure Dynomite)"

Tall Emma And His Skippers - "Hammatan"

Del Reeves - "Down In The Boondocks (live)"

Gloria Edwards - "Enough of A Woman"

Knack, The - "Frustrated"

Escorts, The - "Head To Toe"

Syndicate of Sound - "Little Girl"

Beach Boys, The - "Let The Wind Blow (in Concert)"

Dennis Wilson - "Under the Moonlight"

Carli Munoz - "Interview"

Beach Boys, The - "Leaving This Town (live)"

Beach Boys, The - "Darlin (live)"

Beach Boys, The - "You Still Believe In Me (live)"