X - "Make The Music Go Bang"

Nick Lowe - "Rollers Show"

Zeke Manners and his Gang - "I'm A-Goin' Sue, I'm Goin'"

Garnet Mimms - "As Long As I Have You"

Sarah Vaughan - "Them There Eyes"

Dahlmanns, The - "Girl Band"

Dahlmanns, The - "He's A Drag"

Ringers, The - "Mercy Bounce"

John Doe and the Sadies - "I Still Miss Someone"

Bobby Byrd & Vicky Anderson - "Hang It Up"

Todd Rundgren - "Couldn't I Just Tell You"

Apple-Glass Cyndrom, The - "Going Wrong"

John Doe - "Lean Out Your Window"

John Doe - "The Golden State"

John Doe - "Interview"

John Doe and the Sadies - "It Just Dawned On Me"

Zombies, The - "You Make Me Feel Good"

Blood Oranges - "Halfway Round The World"

Annie Williams - "I Got A Man"

Joe Subway - "How To Sell Stereo"

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby - "Do You Remember That?"

5th Dimension, The - "Paper Cup"

Robbie Fulks - "She Took A Lot Of Pills (And Died)"

James Brown - "That Dood It"

John Fogerty - "Almost Saturday Night"

A Minute With - "Scott Schinder"

Pandoras, The - "It's Getting Harder All The Time"