Retrocast 2.

Mid-Valley Mutations

Texas_studio_1971How Electronic Music Is Created (Part I) (#7)

When people talk about electronic music, they are often talking about club DJs who spin dance tracks and other audio that has been pumped out of a Drum Machine patch in Garage Band, along with a nice beat and played as loud as humanly possible.  But the history of that dance music that is constantly evolving, and yet still sounds like disco no matter how you slice it, is actually quite fascinating.  There was a period – in the early 20th Century –  when electronic music was the realm of inventors, engineers, and other people with an interest in technology, and the sounds that technology could make.

Of course, music itself can be produced entirely without electricity, but you wouldn’t know it from the way it is played and heard by modern ears.  Even acoustic instruments are amplified electronically, all much is recorded with…

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