This week we are joined by resident life coach and guru: Jennifer Covington of the Shine on Sista Podcast. Her third time on the show- so you know we’re gonna leave feeling sparkly! James tries to pitch Jen shows and movies he thinks she should be watching. Gotta come correct with Jen! Today’s episode really feels like a send up to Black Lady superheroes of yesterday, and today (hence the title). James saw Harriet the movie starring the almost EGOT Cynthia Enrivo, about the bad ass real life superhero herself. We talk about what the critics are saying, and James gives his full review, but seeing the movie inspired him to dig deeper into who this woman was! We think we know Harriet Tubman but we have no idea! Guaranteed you will be GAGGED with the fact bombs James is going to drop on you- and no exaggeration she is one of the most inspiring, extraordinary, individuals that has ever lived! And a black lady superhero that’s kicking ass today: Regina King in The Watchmen which is taking a problematic dope ass comic book and mixing our favorite things: superheroes and social justice: whaaaaat??? And with the holidays just around the corner Jen’s got some tips to keep us sane during the Holidaze (as she's coined) and dealing with our family. These tips are hot- and just might save your upcoming holidays with the fam bam! Why aren't you all watching The Good Place!? Also looks like James may have caved and joined the Disney + train another platform, but take note he might be able to help you swindle the system. Also James took a DNA test turns out he’s 100% that Grinch? And which Holidays are Jen side eyeing?  Lets get into it Korner Kids! It’s time to Learn, Laugh, and Play, right here at Minority Korner- because together: we’re the majority!

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