Disclaimer: this episode was recorded last Saturday, so 6 days ago so when it comes to talking about COVID-19... so much has changed so bare with, me in particular. It’s sort of like looking at a time capsule.

Guest co-host Michelle Peralta is here to help us navigate the beginnings of our lockdown. We talk about The Rona (the Coronavirus), James has been watching Contagion for comfort. As we all bunker down and figure out how to brave through this never before done pandemic there has been a flood of racism erupting towards Asian American folks. We talk about how to stay healthy through a holistic approach on top of washing your hands. If you live in the Bay Area have you ever wondered why you have such terrible allergies? We dive into the Hillary documentary on Hulu, and Michelle, being from the business world, provides a lot of great insights into the inherent sexism towards powerful women, and what the documentary revealed for us both. The Census is here! We talk about why it is so damn important, what groups will be included and what groups will be excluded, and 10 myths about the census. It’s so important ya’ll! Also The Crown... James watched the first season and Michelle watched some.. We have thoughts.


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