Kamala Harris has been selected to be Joe Biden’s Vice President and we air out all of our grievances over the Kamala Harris VP selection, not over the pick, but from the toxic responses within our own faction of the party on this historic moment, with so much at stake. We sound the alarm reminding folks of the big picture, and bring the receipts on Kamala’s record, what this means to us having her on the ticket, and what it should mean for all of us, the root of why it is that maybe having an issue with this selection, and our strategy for getting folx on board. Plus James has a progressive purity test?  In the main event, we're still trying to find the right words to describe Melania with being disrespectful (sorry Akon, sorry Michelle we are going low) but James is on his Farmers apology tour. James went in hard on farmers a few years back, so he's giving Black farmers, the tribute and respect they deserve as we explore their history from slavery to sharecropping to farming. We also discover why there are so few black farmers, and  why George Washington Carver was more than just Mr. Peanut.


Black Farming & Sharecropping

Kamala Harris 


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