We have united in person for Kwanzaa, and James' Kwanzaa hormones are going! So, it's time to dust out our annual Kwanzaa special, because whether you're a new or longtime listener you may have forgotten how to celebrate! Plus we jump in between the segments to add in some new insights, retrospectives, tangents, and giggles. We'll be there to guide you through our Kwanzaa spectacular! But before we get into the gist of it James has a recommendation of a Black, Queer, Gospel, broadway musical "Choir Boy". The wonder twins also rehash the history of British pop group Cleopatra who were comin' atcha. So first how well do you know Kwanzaa? We'll take a quiz sponsored by PBS. Then we jump back into it and discuss Mowgli on Netflix, which Disney's live action Jungle Book she ain't, and James has impressions to show the difference. We also give tips on how to celebrate Kwanzaa if you're far away from your family. So then we jump back into the special and James talks about it's history, importance, meanings, and walks you through the days, and then Nnekay will walk you through how you can celebrate this beautiful holiday celebrating African American Awesomeness. 

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Don't know remember Cleopatra: