We've got the fabulous Angélique Roché, a journalist, attorney, content creator, and communications professional focused on the intersections of activism, policy, politics, current events, and nerd and pop culture as seen on Marvel and SYFY Wire, and she makes herself right at home! We discuss JLO and the Grammy's (who thought it was ok for to give the Motown tribute). Angelique proposes we need to get a redux on Black History because it's been ruined between all the blackface, Liam Neeson, Kanye and more. James is assuming that if you're white you've probably done blackface at some point. And then these two blerds nerd out heavily on Charmed (old/new), and Buffy (old/potential reboot?). Who's more treacherous to cross- the Beyhive or the Babylon 5 hive? James walks us through the first ever on screen Black Kiss dating all the way back to 1895 and the importance and revolutionary act of Black love on the screen. Also in honor of our guest cohost we have new mics! Enjoy that new sound in your ear holes! 




Angélique Roché

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