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Well, got alot of new space to due to black friday sale...its good for a year so Ill be posting alot of shows already recorded. this ones kind of fresh

oblivians /something 4 nothing / six of the best

intellectuals / donut / black!Domina! Now

Electric Love Muffins / Backstreet Ride / Playdoh Meathook

Godfathers/Sid Presley / Rocknroll TRaitor / Sid Pressley Sessions

Kobanes / Tub Shitter / leathal Injection

Heavy Lag / Dirt Pop

Weekend Dads / Good Hangs / Good Hangs

Weekend Dads / And Somehow I'm the Shallow Ones / Good Hangs

Dick Dangerous and the Love Bastards / Telly / Telly ep

Dave Diddle Day / Blue Moon Baby / roots of Pyschobilly

Jerry Ross / Everybody's Trying / Godfathers of Psychobilly

Alan Vega / Jukebox Babe / Jukebox Babe

The Chats / AC/DC CD

Turnstiles / Same Old Story

Illicit Nature / Pill Pop / Slugger

Frank Traandruppel / No Longer There / No Longer There

Rachel Brooke /The Loniness of me

gene Maltais / Gangwar / Teenage Riot

City Boy / Pissa and Beer / Split

The Harry Anslinger / Stupid on the Run / Split

Mr Teenage / Kids / automatic love

Mr Teenage / The Loser

Bad Nerves / Baby Drummer

Metalleg / Black Turns Red / Ep II

the zips / 30 years of punk rock

the Cavemen / eithanise Me ep

Toeheads / Screw Loose / Animal House

Bipolar / Depression

Phone Jerks / You got me number / No Funswick 3

Los Grouchos / Trouble finds its way / Happy Music for Sad People

The Spits / Its Over / VI

Rex Tycoon / Glue / Partial Frames

The Hathaways / I'm the one Playing dragon quest

Nancy / chewing bubblegum / nancy goes country

Ralphies Red Ryders / My Decoder ring